Leaf shape identification based plant biometrics


This paper presents a simple and computationally efficient method for plant species recognition using leaf image. This method works only for the plants with broad flat leaves which are more or less two dimensional in nature. The method consists of five major parts.

First, images of leaf are acquired with digital camera or scanners. Then the user selects the base point of the leaf and a few reference points on the leaf blades. Based on these points the leaf shape is extracted from the background and a binary image is produced. After that the leaf is aligned horizontally with its base point on the left of the image. Then several morphological features, such as eccentricity, area, perimeter, major axis, minor axis, equivalent diameter, convex area and extent, are extracted. A unique set of features are extracted from the leaves by slicing across the major axis and parallel to the minor axis. Then the feature pointes are normalized by taking the ratio of the slice lengths and leaf lengths (major axis). These features are used as inputs to the probabilistic neural network. The network was trained with 1200 simple leaves from 30 plant species. The proposed method has been tested using 10-fold cross-validation technique and the system's average recognition accuracy is 91.41%.

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